A Little Recordkeeping for the IRS

At Bader Martin, protecting our clients’ privacy and the security of their personal and financial information has always been critically important. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that this information is protected, whether it is maintained electronically or on paper.

The IRS has established requirements governing the manner in which all tax return preparers, including Bader Martin, can use the information provided to them by their tax clients. Under these regulations, we must obtain your written consent to use or disclose your tax return information (including your mailing address and email address) for any purpose other than preparing your tax return. 

Rest assured, the new rules haven’t affected our ability to provide you with professional services and we aren’t changing our strict procedures for safeguarding your information. But in the future, unless we have your written consent, we will be more limited in terms of our communications with you regarding certain matters that are not directly related to preparing your tax return. We will also be more limited in our ability to communicate with your other professional service providers regarding your tax return information.

The New Forms
To comply with the new federal rules, we’ve prepared two marketing-related consent forms, as well as a consent form for communicating with other professional service providers. You can view, save or print the forms from the links to the right.

The forms begin with IRS-mandated explanatory text, then identify how we use or disclose your information and request your authorization to continue doing so. You are not required to consent on either form, although without your consent we are legally obligated to stop certain communications with you.  

You can provide your consent for the marketing forms electronically by completing the electronic signature information requested below. If you prefer, you can print the forms, then sign and mail them back to us. Or you can contact us to request paper copies of these forms.

Your Electronic Signature as Consent

* required field

Consent to Use Tax Information*
Bader Martin may use my information to provide the following:
(Please check all that apply)
  Printed marketing communications, including invitations and announcements.
  Electronic communications, including newsletters and related email bulletins.
  Information about other Bader Martin services that may benefit you, such as personal financial planning, business succession planning, or hosted accounting.
  None of the above. I do not consent to any other use of my information.

Consent to Disclose Tax Information*
Bader Martin may disclose my information, as follows:
  Bader Martin may include my name and contact information as part of its marketing database, and provide the database to companies engaged to distribute electronic or print communications on behalf of Bader Martin such as an electronic newsletter service or a printing business. Note: These companies operate under strict privacy rules and cannot access any information for their own purposes.
  I do not consent to any disclosure of my information.

Date Consent Expires*
  No expiration, as long as I remain a Bader Martin client
(To simplify recordkeeping and administration, we would prefer that you do not limit your consent although you can uncheck this default and specify another period of time.)
  One year

Your Consent
Date October 22, 2016

Your Spouse's Consent
Date October 22, 2016

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new IRS requirements or our use of these consent forms, please feel free to discuss them with your Bader Martin tax advisor.


Do we prepare your personal federal income tax return?

If so, we need your help in completing new federally mandated consent forms.

To view them, click on the links below.

Marketing Consent Forms

Consent to Use Form
Consent to Disclose Form

These are general consent forms that allow us to use or disclose your information in the context of our marketing communications with you.

Professional Service Provider Consent Form

Individual Consent to Disclose Form - Service Provider

This consent form grants us permission to disclose your personal information when communicating with other professional services providers. We'll need a separate form for each service provider.

You’ll need Acrobat Reader to view the forms. If you don't have this program, you can download it for free using the following link.

Free Acrobat Reader download

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new IRS requirements or our use of these consent forms, please feel free to discuss them with your Bader Martin tax advisor.
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