Making it Easy

Welcome to Bader Martin's client site, providing access to a range of web-based resources and tools—some of which require a login. 

Select one of the following resources:

Client Portal
Collaborative and file-sharing workspace for our clients and their advisors

Hosted Accounting
Online access for hosted QuickBooks® and Sage Peachtree® accounting systems

Remote Support
Secure remote support for Windows® or Mac® computer systems

Consent Forms
IRS-mandated consent forms for our personal tax return clients

Client Tools
Checklists, organizers, and planning tools developed for our clients

If You Want Us to Provide Tax Information for Your Business or other Entity via the Client Portal

Before we can share tax information for your business or other entity with specified recipients via our client portal, we'll need a signed consent form from you that grants us permission. 

The form must be signed by an authorized corporate officer, general partner, member-manager or trustee and returned to us before we provide portal access.

Consent Form to Disclose Entity Information via Portal
Bader Martin, P.S. Certified Public Accountants + Business Advisors