Hospitality, Restaurant + Lodging

There's no 9-to-5 in your business. It's long hours, tight margins and, often, as much a lifelong passion as a for-profit enterprise.

Channeling that passion into a lucrative business—one that fully realizes its potential—generally requires more: the expertise of trusted advisors in business, finance, accounting and tax, among others.  

Do you have the necessary controls in place to minimize shortages and outright fraud in cash and in your product inventory? Have you negotiated the most favorable leases and rental agreements, or did you leave money on the table? Should you buy or lease that expensive piece of equipment you're considering?

Have you structured your business to minimize the financial risks, as well as the taxes? Are your recordkeeping systems designed to provide the information you need to simply and effectively manage your budget and cash flow, while providing you with the reporting you need for optimal decision-making?

Are you correctly tracking, allocating and reporting tips and sales taxes? What if you could accelerate depreciation deductions and therefore reduce cash outlays for federal taxes in the early years of your business—or after completing that expensive remodel—as a result of a cost segregation study?

We can help you with the decisions and the business structures and practices that often mean the difference between a profitable business and a struggling or even losing endeavor.

We've served businesses in the Northwest's hospitality community for more than two decades. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars and other hospitality facilities.
Hospitality Services
As a client of our hospitality practice group, you'll benefit from services in the following categories:
Business Advisory Services
  • Financial viability consulting and prospective financial information
  • Structuring and choice-of-entity consulting to minimize tax consequences and personal liability
  • Real estate consulting, including analysis of lease and rental agreements and assistance with negotiations 
  • Succession planning, business continuation and buy/sell agreements
  • Fraud and shortage prevention for both product and cash
  • Expenditure planning, including budgeting and cash flow analysis, lease/buy consulting, major transactions planning
  • Compensation and fringe benefits consulting and modeling
  • Governance consulting
Capitalization and Financing
  • Loan negotiations, loan reviews and analysis of loan alternatives
  • Lease versus purchase decisions
  • Debt versus equity decisions
  • Equity structuring and classes of equity
Succession Planning, Exit Planning and Transitions
  • Goal setting and evaluation of alternatives, including consideration of familial and cultural issues
  • Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Insurance planning
  • Recapitalization and reorganization consulting
  • Negotiations and implementation assistance
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Due diligence
Tax Compliance and Consulting Services
  • Tax return preparation for federal, state and multi-state, and local jurisdictions
  • Tax minimization strategies that encompass both income and self-employment taxes, as well as estimated tax planning and retirement plan structuring
  • Sales tax consulting, including King County food and beverage tax and rules for take-out, manager's meals and comp meals
  • Lodging, hotel-motel and occupancy taxes
  • Tip tracking, allocation and reporting
  • Cost segregation consulting
  • FICA credits and analysis 
  • Gift certificates
  • Representation in connection with IRS and state and local tax examinations
Accounting and Assurance Services
  • Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations
  • Front desk audits
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services, including data entry and troubleshooting
  • Chart of accounts consulting with regard to the Uniform System Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI), Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants (USAR), and Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs (USFRC)
  • Hosted accounting platform for QuickBooks® and Sage Peachtree® systems
  • Training on accounting-related topics
  • Internal control analyses, including controls over cash and inventory
Advisory Services for Business Owners and Executives
  • Wealth planning, including retirement planning, portfolio and investment monitoring, real estate transactions, education funding
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving and private foundations
  • Expenditure planning, including budgeting and cash flow analysis, lease/buy consulting, major transactions planning
  • Financial reporting, including personal and family financial statements
  • Asset protection, including personal liability protection, disability and health care planning, divorce consulting and pre- and post-nuptial agreements, bankruptcy consulting
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