Chris Strand, director of Bader Martin's high net worth practice and colleague Stephanie Ritchie

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Expertise In What Matters to You

In an increasingly complex world, success doesn't just happen. The demands are too exacting, too diverse and, generally, too specialized. It's simply not possible for a person, or a business, to excel at everything.

Perhaps that's why those who succeed rarely go it alone. They rely on the insight and expertise of trusted advisors with critical skills, including their CPAs.

It's certainly why, at Bader Martin, you'll find CPAs and business advisors with the focused expertise—and the depth and breadth of experience—to contribute to your success.

As a client, you'll be supported by seasoned professionals with strong backgrounds in the services and industries that matter to you. They have the nuanced understanding that comes from years of experience in supporting clients with similar needs, challenges and opportunities. Nearly all of our principals have worked for national CPA firms—eleven years, on average—and some have also worked as senior executives in private and public companies. Many of our professionals have advanced degrees in business, accounting, finance, or taxation.

We can assist you with financial and tax compliance services and provide the savvy insight and advice that creates value for you throughout the year.

As your trusted advisor, we can also contribute highly specialized or industry‑specific skills in such areas as business formation, mergers and acquisitions, estate and wealth planning, growth and profitability- enhancement, tax and transaction planning, philanthropy, and succession planning, to name just a few.

When the situation warrants, we'll work collaboratively with your attorneys, bankers, investment managers and other professionals.

Whether you need the services of our general practice or the more specialized offerings of one or our major practice areas—or a unique combination that best suits your needs—we're ready to help.

Family Business Practice
High Net Worth Practice
Our high net worth practice assists professionals, company executives, business owners, and affluent families, along with their family offices, estates, and trusts.
Not-for-Profit Practice
Our not-for-profit practice serves our region's not-for-profit organizations—with an emphasis in social service and community organizations, religious institutions, private schools, low-income housing and private foundations—as well as their executives and board members.

Success is a journey and those who succeed rarely go it alone. They get advice along the way.

We give great advice at Bader Martin. But here, success is also in the relationships we build, because without a personal understanding of you and your goals, the most sophisticated advice is just, well… numbers.

We’re a leading Northwest CPA firm that blends focused expertise with personal attention to give meaning to the numbers—and to help you succeed.

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