Bart Wilson, director of Bader Martin's audit practice, and colleague Rodney Fujita, principal.
Looking Beyond the Numbers

Audits and reviews are designed to provide a degree of assurance that past performance is fairly represented in the financial statements. Whether mandatory or voluntary, they're critical to communicating an understanding of your operations and, not surprisingly, subject to a myriad of standards to ensure that they do so consistently and reliably.  

Such basic compliance services are provided by any number of well regarded CPA firms, including Bader Martin. And admittedly, there are some that will provide the basic service for a lower fee.

Our clients typically seek more—and deserve more—than a financial statement or an audit report that simply reflects the past. 

At Bader Martin, you'll find a proactive professional relationship based on responsive service, solid expertise and execution that delivers value commensurate with the fees you pay. And you'll find trusted advisors who consider it their responsibility to provide insights for the future, not just the past. 

Our principals and senior professionals are hands-on during the engagement, providing essential oversight and ensuring both the quality of the work and a delivery that is on time and on budget. They remain involved with you throughout the year and provide important continuity for your service team.

As a client, you can expect proactive, year-round advice regarding new and anticipated changes in accounting standards and regulations. Insights that enhance your business processes and controls. And savvy, value-adding suggestions that impact your bottom line.

Because of the nature of our work, we develop a unique insight into your financial and business operations. This insight highlights risks and opportunities, and allows us to proactively communicate strategies for improving your business' operations and financial controls. 

Our audit and assurance clients include a broad range of nonpublic companies—from entrepreneurial ventures to organizations with over half a billion dollars in assets—as well as not-for-profit organizations and employee benefit plans.

We also offer related services such as internal control studies, agreed upon procedures, and reports on prospective financial information. 


Financial statements for nonpublic companies: audits, reviews and compilations

Specialized audits for not-for-profit organizations, including Yellow Book and A-133 audits

Specialized audits of employee benefit plans

Industry-specific audits including revenue/royalty audits, overhead audits, HUD audits and lease compliance audits

Fraud audits

Internal control studies

Specialized reporting

Due diligence

GAAS and GAGAS consulting

Agreed upon procedures


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