Bader Martin principals Chris Strand and David Stiefel.

Driving Better Decisions

Like most organizations and many individuals, you probably have business and financial concerns that extend beyond a simple tax return, a financial statement or an audit: Budgeting and cash flow management. Financing. Growth and profitability-enhancement strategies. Mergers and acquisitions. Succession and exit planning. Governance.

The list can be daunting, as well as the knowledge and expertise required to tackle each challenge successfully. It helps to have an advisor with a proven track record and the insight that comes from hands-on experience.

The leaders of our consulting practice are experienced CPAs with advanced degrees in business and finance. And many of them have actually run successful businesses, so they're savvy problem solvers and strategists who can provide you with crucial financial and business advice, when you need it, throughout the year. 

Ultimately, we're in the success business at Bader Martin. For us, that means moving beyond the basic tax and financial statement services that address your past—to provide the insight and advice that help you to succeed.

For-Profit Entities
Succession planning

Budgeting and cash flow management

Purchase or sale of a business

Structuring and contacts for financing

Forensic accounting and fraud audits

Interim and short-term CFO

Strategic and business planning

Family business and family partnership consulting

Industry benchmarking and best practices

Retirement plan structure and operations

Profit and process enhancement

Mergers and acquisitions consulting

Insurance and liability protection planning

Risk assessment and management

Accounting personnel screening

Governance consulting

Benefit plan consultant referral and selection
Not-for-Profit Entities
Budgeting and cash flow management

Governance consulting

Policies, including donation, gift, fund-raising and endowment 

Benchmarking, best practices and legislative updates

Retirement plan structure and operations

Process enhancement
Bader Martin, P.S. Certified Public Accountants + Business Advisors