Bader Martin's IT manager, Mike Basilicato (standing) and colleagues Allan Steinman, Susan Queary and Scott Usher.
Cloud-based Access. Anytime. Anywhere.

Imagine. Cloud-based access to your financial information, anywhere, anytime. No security worries. No time-consuming desktop updates or backup procedures. And no more hardware problems.

Advancements in technology promise wonderful new capabilities and labor-saving efficiencies, but they often bring with them an increase in maintenance requirements and potential security risks. Bader Martin can help you to safely and effectively harness the power of technology, while reducing its risks and costs.

Hosted Accounting for QuickBooks® Sage® and Peachtree® Systems
If you use QuickBooks® or certain Sage® or Peachtree® software, Bader Martin—in partnership with technology hosting leader Right NetworksSM—offers you a hosted and cloud-based accounting solution.

Enhanced Security and Stability
Hosted accounting provides you with enhanced security and stability by leveraging the substantial technical resources and computer assets of Right Networks. Together with Right Networks, we maintain your accounting software and your data on secure servers.

Right Networks assumes responsibility for updating your software, backing up your data, and maintaining the related computer hardware. Right Networks also secures your data and internet access using industry-standard hardware and software, and maintains the access privileges of authorized users with features built into the accounting programs.

Safe, Immediate Access to Financial Data
Our hosting service allows you and your staff, as well as any authorized Bader Martin professionals, to access your financial data simultaneously—from an internet connection anywhere in the world. You always have immediate access to your financial records.

There is no need to send data files back and forth, eliminating the security and virus risks inherent in using email to transmit your files. And because you don’t email data, you don’t have to stop posting transactions while we work with your accounting records. You don’t waste resources or experience costly delays.

Streamlined Training and Accounting Support
The hosted accounting service allows our accountants and technicians to provide online training and troubleshooting. At your option, we can help with accounting and bookkeeping issues. We can even process your accounting transactions for you.

If you have accounting staff on vacation or you experience an unanticipated vacancy, we can fill the void working remotely from the Bader Martin office.

No-Risk Service
If for any reason you choose to discontinue the service, you can download current copies of all of your files.


Immediate, worldwide access to financial data via the internet

Enhanced security and virus protection

Streamlined preparation of financial reports and tax returns

Online troubleshooting of accounting records

Efficient, cost-effective online training of accounting staff

Assistance in processing transactions, journal entries, and closing entries

Streamlined check writing

Assured data backups

Timely software and hardware updates

Access to technology expertise, without adding staff



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Bader Martin's Director of Accounting Services, Stephanie Ritchie, and staff members Jeanne Murphy and Wendy Townson are Certified ProAdvisors for QuickBooks software

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